NASA Images Might Have Been Faked

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Flache Erde

You probably know images like this from all sorts of online videos, showing our planet from outer space. But did you know, there are some people believing our planet is a round ball? They want prove it using images like this:

Runde Erde

This obviously is an image of our planet from a top-down view, however, there are a lot of followers of this theory.

Today, however, the ex NASA employee Micheal Shepherd has announced, some images by the NASA are fake, including the famous image whe attached at the beginning of the article.

It is not yet known, if they were only faked, to get more stunning pictures of our planet or to hide the real form of our planet. However, we known one thing: This shocking leak is like a gold mine to the round-earthers.

Written on October 20, 2017